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Photos and/or video taken on day of posting in the Dallas, Tx area.

I think I caught a hawk in the background of my feeder cam. It made two brief appearance in the tree behind the camera, then did a flyby right by the feeders. I'll post still shots of the flyby first.

We've had a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks on the property a lot the last year, and Red-tailed Hawks are common in the area. Can anybody tell the species? I'll post video clips later. I think the bird appears lighter than it really is because the camera is in the shade and the bird is in the sun.






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48 minutes ago, kansabirdguy said:

definitely looks accipiter from the video. 

Yeah, I knew for sure it wasn't the female of the red-shouldered Hawk pair we've had in residence around here. She's freaking huge compared to this guy (or girl).

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12 hours ago, Greyhawk said:

Does the roundness of the tail suggest Cooper's over Sharp-shinned?

Not when the tail's spread out so much.  I'm also leaning Coop based on the tubular shape of the bird, but it's safest to leave it as a slash.

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