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Help with Scaup ID

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while I am far from and expert...I do not see the difference in bill size nor the larger black tip that may be found on the greater.  so I would say both males are lesser. But it is of interest to me that they are both found together.  Just got back from Central Florida and took lots of pics and now will simply say i have both greater and lesser in the pictures.  A local guide called them bluebills but they are definitely scaup.. 

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47 minutes ago, Melierax said:

I'd say the females are greater and the top left male is a greater as well in the top photo.

I'd have called that top left male a Lesser, with a tall head rather than long front to back, and no visible nail on the bill.  But I'm not an expert.

The female does look like a Greater to me, and actually helps me understand why people say Greaters have round heads.  Usually I think they look flat-headed.

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Yeah... the Greater "rounded head" thing comes from comparing it to the Lesser. Lessers have a peak making a sharp change in head slope direction. Greaters don't, meaning there's a continuous change in direction around the head, giving them a "rounded" look. Imo I think the bill on the male in the top photo is better for Greater due to how large it appears. I agree the head looks a bit odd with the peaked forehead, but I see no hint of a peak near the back of the head. 

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