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Curve-billed or Long-billed Thrasher?

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I had posted on this guy before, but the photo I had wasn't all that great. Now that I have gotten better pictures of him, wanted to post again and just clarify in my mind what he is exactly. These were taken here in San Antonio on late afternoon walk to the greenbelt behind our neighborhood. Previously, my pic was of him up on a chimney vent. But this time, he was down in the brush along a fence line. Was able to get fairly close to get the good pics. Didn't seem to be skiddish as long as I move slowly. 



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Just looked at Sibley's and it seems an easy decision, at least out of those options. The long-billed seems to be redder like a brown thrasher and the spots are all wrong for that. It matches up pretty good with curve-billed in color and shape of the spots. That's what I'd be calling it. :)

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