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Yes on the Harris'

On the titmouse, the lighting and the branches don't help me see it good but, it looks dark up there. Looked up that county and it's right on the edge of the range of that and the tufted. Where I live I only have the tufted and am not good at these BUT... the amount of black where I THINK I see black would have me calling it black-crested.
Sorry that's not a clear "YES" but that rambling is the best I can do. Looks good to me but someone else will confirm.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one leaning away from tufted. The tufted should have black right above the bill and lighter above that... this bird is lighter above the bill(brownish unless it's the lighting) and then darker the rest of the way up.
I'm not expert on these so I wont say "it's for sure a ____," this is just my observation.

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I'm in Travis County, TX and live in the hybrid zone. (some people here go so far as to report only hybrids no matter what the markings.) I think I'm seeing some deep chestnut on the forehead below the dark crest. That forehead coloring (if it's actually there in this bird) seems to be an indicator of hybrids. There seem to be hybrids reported to ebird on the margins of your county, Black-cresteds seem to be more commonly seen, whereas Tufteds are quite infrequent.

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