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Central NY I've never seen this bird before

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I've lived in Northern NY for 21 years and now Central NY for 11 years.  I have never seen this one before.  My guesses are

1.  Pileated Woodpecker but the color around the eye is wrong.  Could it be a juvenile?

2.  Red Bellied Woodpecker but the tuff sticks up

3.  Yellow crowned Woodpecker but they are in India

4.  Yellow throated Woodpecker.   They do mate this far north. 


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8 hours ago, Tifford said:

Red Bellied Woodpecker but the tuff sticks up

Welcome to Whatbird @Tifford.  Many birds can have a crested look without actually being crested. Birds can raise their normally flattened head feathers at will, sometimes in territorial display or courtship, not just looking crested but sometimes showing hidden features when the feathers are raised. As @The Bird Nuts has already mentioned, it's not uncommon for birds to have bad hair days too, especially in wet weather. In this case, it looks to me like only a few feathers on one side are out of place, almost like he had just scratched an itch and couldn't be bothered to comb his hair afterwards. 🤣

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