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Need help with an I.D.

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3 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Do you think the mask is wide enough for a Loggerhead?

that's a fair question. My limited knowledge on ID'ing a northern shrike would say there's no way this is one... no pattern on the breast... no white over the bill or anything...
But then I go to all about birds and their overview image of a northern sure would be tricky for some people.

That said, after looking at some examples of each I'd still call this a loggerhead. There seems to be a good amount of black even extending over the bill(seems to be) which would be a loggerhead trait. I think more photos of this bird would be good but I don't see anything that would make me really feel it's anything but loggerhead. Not to mention one in Arizona would be a bit rare. 
I'll have to keep studying these birds as I often worry that a northern will come through here in NW Arkansas and I'm going to miss ID it.

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@millipede, I did wonder about the range, since it would be well south of where a Northern could be expected.

Maybe it's just the angle.  I see Loggerheads on a weekly basis but they're usually well above my head on utility lines.  I don't usually see them from this more horizontal angle.

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