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Need help If Florida Panhandle Bird

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Need help/information on this beautiful bird. First showed up in the yard. a week ago and yesterday as a bonus another showed up. I haven't tried to approach them and they seemed locked in on just my yard and none of the neighbors. They are of a huge wingspan and sit as you see for long periods just looking and swoop low to the ground. I haven't heard a peep or noise of any kind out of either one.VID_20240607_091108284_exported_47103.thumb.jpg.ff0f42665a1c5c751829c3c9a304b0e8.jpgVID_20240607_091108284_exported_47103.thumb.jpg.ff0f42665a1c5c751829c3c9a304b0e8.jpgVID_20240607_102133927_exported_160464.thumb.jpg.a6716748b05b78584c58d26aef75097e.jpg

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