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ross's goose?

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Since we only have a back view, the size is bad to use here. You could compare the head size to the size of the dark morph's head. They appear to be about the same.... with the amount of distortion I wouldn't want to say Ross's in any case. The bill appears small but it's so distorted it's hard to tell. I can't see a dirty patch near the base of the beak. I would lean Snow but the photo is just too distorted, sorry ?

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I put off replying here to wait and see what others thought. Glad I wasn't the only one having any difficulty. 
As I stare at them it is just weird. I feel like I don't see so much of the black grin and the bill looks smaller... but the head looks bigger.
It is a distorted photo(I'm guessing it was taken at a distance) and it is too difficult, for me, to compare size and all that. ?

Keep looking though as, in my experience, the more snow geese you see the more likely a ross' will be tagging along somewhere.

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