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Both of these guys were seen at Sunnyhill Restoration Area in Central FL (near Eustis).

I think they are both Savannahs but a different plumage variant that what I'm used to seeing elsewhere.

The first 2 photos show a bird that has the right streaking (breast and back) pattern, facial pattern, also yellow lore in front of eye and pink(ish) legs.  However, and I wish it were more clear in the photos, it had a lot of white in the back and wings - often appearing to be much more black/white from a distance than most Savannahs I see around here (which just appear brown streaked on buff).


Then this next one I'm a little more confused.  Spot makes one thing immediately of Song Sparrow, but very white eyebrow and striking facial pattern looks like a Lark Sparrow.  However, it has a lot of streaking on breast (not just sides) for one of those.  (Sorry for soft/fuzzy appearance, this was outside reasonable range of my lens and then cropped as best as possible).



I'm just starting to seriously tackle ID'ing sparrows and know it takes some time as they all at firs come across very similar.  Throw in all the juvenal/immature/winter and regional variants in plumage and it really gets fun.

Any insights are much appreciated - along with what field marks you keyed in on!  



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Both are Savannahs. (which come in multiple variations.) The yellow lores, fine streaking, and thin bill point to Savannah. Lark Sparrows don't have streaking like that, and an even stronger facial pattern with a warm rusty color. Songs don't have yellow lores, and the bill is typically a little chunkier.

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