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...or just confusion in Austin, TX. We can expect only 4 warblers in the winter (PIWA, OCWA, COYT, YRWA). This individual was was loosely associating with 3 YRWAs. Snapped the pic thinking, "Oh just another one." got home, looked at it and it feels really off to me. There's that strong supercillium with the tinge of yellow, the black cheek patch that tapers as it reaches the neck instead of expanding, the bill feels short. The few streaks I can see, seem strong and distinct. And yet, the rump seems yellow, the undertail pattern seems to match YRWA and I have no shot of the "wing pits" or back (damn oak leaf).

I have a, let's call it a "hopeful" alternative, if it's not YRWA, an interloper from last year, but I'll keep it to myself for now. Bracing for "just another YRWA" but fingers crossed for something else.

The shot is cropped, but otherwise untouched.

Thanks, y'all.


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I'm afraid it's just another Yellow-rumped Warbler.  If you look closely, the dark cheek patch and cap are perfectly-placed shadows.  Everything else fits Yellow-rumped from the yellow rump to the brown back to the broken eyering.

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