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 I'm not sure I agree that the lighting isn't affecting the color here. Look at the plastic stuff (idk what it is) in the 2nd photo. It's clearly tinted blue, where I'm pretty sure it's actually white. Makes me think twice about taking the bird's apparent color at face value. 

If it's truly colored like that, Northen Parula is something to consider. However, I think that Pine Warbler seems to fit, as @IvoryBillHope mentioned.

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I'm not sure about the bird, but the potential issue with the color isn't due to reflections off of anything, it's an issue of the color balance in the camera. Of course, that's based on an assumption that the plastic object is actually white, which may not be true.

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1 hour ago, MerMaeve said:

Yeah but wouldn't a Pine not have that big eye stripe?

The eyestripe is very fine past the eye on PIWAs.  With the fuzziness of these photos, that bird could have numbers on each side and a sponsor across his back and we could easily miss it.

I'm going with the Pine Warbler crowd.

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