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Taken at Wascana, Regina SK last week.  Picture 1: female in front, male in back. What’s in the middle?  Picture 2:  same mallard in picture 1 middle. No drake curl tail.  Picture 3:  another mallard  just different.  What would you say for these? Male or female?





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 this could be a male (maybe first winter) that has hormone problems and is having an incomplete or abnormal molt and the bill is a "weak" yellow. That could explain both plumage and bill color.  I believe the article defines intersex very broadly. I don't consider a hormonal issue causing plumage irregularities to be intersex.

I have never known of females with damaged ovaries having a change of bill color. Regardless, the bird could easily be all wild mallard showing odd plumage due to abnormal hormones.

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I hope I can continue to observe these two as I'm only there occasionally and see what happens in the future. Probably impossible! We had been watching these ducks since last year because there was an interesting couple, a  female mallard and a male wood duck. (Sorry, Not the same ducks)

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