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What Hummingbird in SE Arizona?

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This bird routinely feeds at feeders in Santa Cruz County near Rio Rico, AZ. Is it a female Costa's Hummingbird? Thanks for your help.



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I would lean to Black-chinned female due to the dirty grey cap, the eyeliner and the black tail feathers.The cap on a Costa’s would extend down over the eyes .

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13 hours ago, IvoryBillHope said:

Red on bill, white stripe behind eye, gray belly- female Broad-billed Hummingbird. 

I stink with hummingbirds and am almost happy we typically have just one here in NW Arkansas...  been watching this conversation and love how there are three different possibilities so far. I decided to go take a look at all three and a few others...  and after looking at some ID marks on them I'll agree with broad-billed.

I'm a LONG way from picking up on subtle differences and IDing some of these in the field but am getting better at comparing these things in the photos and finding those little differences.  There are a few hummingbirds that are similar but none with all the specific marks other than the broad-billed. Like the red on the bill combined with the white behind the eye. (in pictures it looked like the costas has white but not a stripe) 
They're a frustrating family for me but oh so beautiful.  🙂

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