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Empid from May

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Taken in south-central Kansas, May 13, 2018 in an old growth mixed forest, bird was right above a little pond area.

In the past I had believed this to be a Least Flycatcher, (I believe because I heard a Least vocalizing somewhere then saw this bird so I just assumed) but recently someone on inaturalist questioned if it may actually be an Alder Flycatcher, so I thought I would come here for more opinions because Alder would actually be a lifer for me! However I totally understand if it isn't separable from Least with this photo. Sadly this individual was fast and being difficult so this is the only photo I have, I didn't think to try to get more photos since at the time I assumed too fast that it was a Least. I thought I would post anyways though just in case haha. Thanks all in advance for any help!


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6 minutes ago, meghann said:

Man, empids.

I will say that eyering is awfully prominent, which it shouldn't be in an Alder.

I love em, haha. 

Thank you for your thoughts. I thought the eyering also seemed prominent but I was not sure if Alder could have variations with that. 

Btw, here is the link to the inaturalist forum post if anyone is interested and wants to look at it there or get more specifics on location, I was going to edit it into my original post but I couldn't for some reason haha https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/20003631

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