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This is a picture of Mt. Cook in New Zealand as the sun starts to set.  Mt. Cook hotel is located at the start of a three mile trail that takes you to a lake at the base of the mountain that has floating icebergs that have calved from the glaciers on the mountain.  There is a bronze statue of Sir Edmund Hillary looking up at the mountain.  To get to the lake up the trail you have to cross two swaying cable supported suspension bridges that cross the glacial melt stream that is running gray with chunks of ice that flows beneath about 100 ft down.  Each year, we make our own calendar of pictures we like and places we've been.  This one made the calendar.MtCookNewZealand.thumb.jpg.1b1a483d5bdaac814489c8669762cb4f.jpg

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You don't get to the Grand Canyon by stopping at a pullout from a major highway.  You have to drive into the National Park some miles off the road, roughly around 30 to 60 miles from the main highways depending on which way you enterGrandCanyoon2016.thumb.jpg.094a429341fbcff051b4eb1b98b55003.jpgGrandCanyona.thumb.jpg.ed48777e4aad4135d68d078f6dc5d256.jpgGrandCanyon2010.thumb.jpg.55d77452ba5a7881143c62d32acded49.jpg.  We live in Oregon in the summer and Arizona the rest of the year and often we drive by the entrance on the route between states.  One year we decided to drive into the park, even though the weather was stormy.  The canyon was filled with clouds, but as we spent time there, the sun came out and the clouds started to breakup showing some of the canyon.  That trip, where you know the canyon is there but you can't see it was one of my favorite trips because the beauty and mystery of the canyon was revealed between clouds and rainbows.

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