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Merritt Island refuge 2-7-19

I'm guessing this is either an Eastern Wood Peewee or Eastern Phoebe - any ideas?


Pretty sure the big guys with the big honking red bills are Caspian, are the smaller ones Forsters?


Common Ground Dove? Not a great picture but the reddish bill seems indicative?




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1 hour ago, Tony Leukering said:

Field guides have that sort of information.

indeed, location and date can be HUGE in helping to ID a bird... BUT...
1. Boy are there ever exceptions to such rules. Local Audubon leader recently told me he had a black-throated blue warbler on a CBC here in NW Arkansas one year. That shouldn't be here in winter(rare any time of year actually)  And we've had a vermilion flycatcher or two in the last year or so right here in NW Arkansas.
2. Some field guides are wrong or just outdated. You'll find a lot of maps in field guides that don't line up with the data on eBird.
3. Not everyone visiting here has a field guide.
4. Not everyone that has a field guide has gotten good at using them.

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