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This looks like a warbler to me and I think it's a Pine.  Yellow-throated Vireos have larger eyes and beaks (I know we can't see the beak very well here, but it looks thin to me) and their head patterns are not as contrasty as this bird's.  The hunched posture and long wing bars also fit Pine Warbler better.

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pictures and posture, torture me sometimes. I will study a field guide a little more on this one later. I compared birds on all about birds for a minute... had the same problem with the bill. Looks small to me but, it's not a good photo AND bills look different from different angles.
And it's interesting you mention the head pattern as, looking at pictures on that site, it seemed that the vireo would be more likely to have what looks like a cap here than the pine warbler would... again, just with the pictures I looked at.

I struggled with the wing-bars as well... didn't look right for either to me.

Not going to argue at this point as this is more of "that's just what I see." If I saw this bird in person I'd hope that it vocalized for me as that would help some. The vireos hide a lot and those pine warblers, their colors vary so much I sometimes feel like I'm looking at something else.

It's fun, and educational for me to try and solve these. And it helps me a lot when people talk out the reasoning rather than just say "it's a ______."   :)  These discussions will help me improve :)

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2 hours ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Hmm...I guess I should have worded my first sentence differently.  I am confident this is a warbler and Pine is the best fit that I can think of.  Now you can argue. ?

nah, you worded it fine. When I said I wasn't going to argue it's simply because I'm throwing out my guess based on what I think I see... and, I'm conceding that you may be right and I may be completely wrong here. Eh, you know the thoughts in my head make perfect sense to me but expressing them how I want is often difficult...  for me and for others. :( 

Basically, I'm NOT confident and that's why I'm not going to "argue." 
I'm just going to blame the image quality and angle(Totally not my lack of skill... cough cough) for the struggle here. Normally it'd be a female pine that might give me trouble.
Look alike birds frustrate me... and don't get me started on sound alike birds either. ha

All that rambling aside, I'd love to hear some points on this bird from other people. Even if it makes me look bad. :)

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any other pictures? 
I hope I'm not a pain, I just don't see what I need to see to agree... that's not to say I disagree. I trust these guys more than myself with most birds for sure...  I have a lot to learn. I just have to figure out how I can look at this bird and say "yep, that's a pint warbler" and not feel so uncertain.
Those birds can look so alike and the quality is low. Just looked in the guide and thought, why not throw out a 1st winter bay-breasted just for fun?  HA.  The face wouldn't quite match there but the wing bars would look good. 
I'm not trying to be difficult in any of this, just trying to learn. Better pictures would probably cause me less frustration... but that's how that goes.

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