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Woodpecker ID - 2 less than stellar video clips thanks to the crazy wind.

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Help my sister and I ID this woody hammering away at the yucca stalk for seeds in her yard. This is the second woodpecker she’s seen in 2 Days (see notes below)  

Location: Valdez, NM (near Taos) in northern New Mexico.

When: February 11, 2019

FYI:  On 2-09-2019 she saw a woodpecker at same place but described it looking like a cross between a miniature Pileated and a larger Downy woodpecker (but smaller than a Hairy) as it had obvious red in its cap and lots of black laddering. We’re trying to figure out if this is the female version of the mystery woodpecker or if it’s an entirely different species of woody. I think the original woodpecker may be a Ladder-backed WP but not 100% sure. This one seems too big for Downy but not a Hairy either.


There should be 2 videos. The second one is probably better. Please let me know if the link fails to work. Thanks!

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Haha! Yeah me neither! Quite the gregarious one too! It was getting the seeds from the yucca plant that had just finished flowering, apparently. To my eyes it just seems off for a Downy but then again I’m only familiar with eastern US Downy’s. My sister thought it seemed too big for a downy (but not as big as Hairy) and the stripes looked different, like more extensive and “messy” ...  Any chance it could be a Ladder-backed woodpecker? 

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