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Strange mallard (possible hybrid or breed)

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Initially, let me say anytime you see an odd mallardine in a suburban setting it is most likely due to domestic ancestry.

However, I think we must consider the possibility that this is a Mallard x American Black Duck hybrid. The bill definitely looks like it could belong to a female AMBD. Also, the head coloring and streaking, as well as the overall coloring is acceptable for AMBD. The body feathers especially look like an AMBD. They are beige only on the fringes and darker brown in the middle. A Mallard would show a lot of beige in the middle of each feather. The only two things that are not like a female AMBD is the white that can be seen on the tail and the location. AMBDs should not be in California much less suburban LA. This could be explained by having some Mallard ancestry – I believe a hybrid can take up the migration route of either parent.

It's probably a domestic of some sort but if this photo were taken in the East in an wild area I would say it's a Mallard x AMBD hybrid with probably more AMBD.

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Thanks guys.

I was hoping it was a rare bird like a black duck or Mexican duck

I got a second opinion with my friend who’s a bird expert who was trained to ID birds by ornithologist at a young age

he told me she was just a domesticated mallard, not that I doubted him but I also wanted a 3rd, 4th, 5th+ opinion.

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