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All finches disappeared


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Since fall all the finches have disappeared from our feeders here in central Ma. In the over 12 years doing this, goldfinches have always been more than plentiful, never leaving from season to season. They've never left like this before. We haven't changed our food and there are a ton of chickadees and titmice here. Our birdstore folks are reporting the. same thing for their home feeders as are other of their customers. They say this is happening in other place here in Ma. Anybody else noting the same occurrence? 

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Welcome to Whatbird!

If I linked this correctly, this should show eBird reports for American Goldfinch, Massachusetts, Jan-Feb '19.  If not, you can adjust the dates and location at the top.  Zooming in will show details.  Looks like plenty of sightings but mostly single-digit numbers.


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Welcome to Whatbird Geno.

Based on the map Charlie posted, It does show activity being reported, however, this is also a range between Jan-Feb, so it could be there is more predators in the area causing them to flee? Other then that and maybe a hard winter storm coming in to make them move south, I can't think of a reason they have left. I hope they return soon for you.

Good Luck.

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Geno- I, too, have experienced the same lack of Goldies in Southern NH. Juncos are also very, very scarce here this year.  The absence is striking.

Not sure what's going on, or if there is really anything to be worried about....though I suppose bird populations in general, worldwide, are something to be concerned about.



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