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Costa Rica Osa Peninsula

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Corcovado National Park Pacific side of peninsula. Mid-late afternoon. Feb 1, Deep in the rain forest. Howlers and Black-throated Trogons all about.  Of course pardon the image at ISO 2500 f7.1 1/20  sec +0.67  400 mm. The image has been brightened a bit, sharpened with increased micro contrast and saturation although I believe the colors are close to accurate with greenish head and grey brown back and prominent yellow. Thank you in advance. Half the time I'm overlooking something obvious, today?

Unknown CR.jpg

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Thanks, I saw this in my search of the Field Guide, Birds of Costa Rica (garrigues)and because of the differences, the more greenish head (which in retrospect could be due to processing given the slow shutter speed and my tremor, therefore a wash over effect from the vegetation) the larger white throat on the reference (again processing issues) and the lack of a wing bar on my bird, I rejected that choice. In looking further afield? some of the images in google, appreciating the possible misidentification, also have no wing bar. The one in the field guide with bar is IDed as the Caribbean race. Given all this, I buy it. Thank you for making me look twice.

And I just reviewed the note versions I took during my trip. The naturalist did mention a shrike tanager the day I took this, 30 versions ago. I did not get a further ID but in the field my notes were brief.Thank you Mac OS.

ed. and the time of the note 513PM was just after the photo time stamp at 427pm

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