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Tortuguera area Costa Rica

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Another deep in the rainforest, behind the foliage, worsened by my tremor, image of a 'low bushes' bird. The Naturalist mentioned an ant shrike or bird  by my vague recollection. I'm striking out though, even with females. No ant"     " really fits.  With this one buried in the foliage, don't completely trust the colors. See my last mistaken notion about color and bad focus although the focus is better here. The tail is spotted on its edge and the visible back and breast not spotted. ?eye ring. 

Again, as always, thank you in advance, even if you do point me to something I already rejected ?



_69A4792 copy.jpg

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I think Ill buy it. My book is brand new, listing it as Black-crowned. I think I blew it off because my example has no wing bar and both book examples show one as well as white spots only on the tail end not along the outer border like my photo seems to show (although the tail is rounded which may give that impression). Going back your ID is probably the best and fits my 'ant...'  recollection. One of the Cornell females seems to show more proximal tail spots. I can recall the time, and even the place on the walk. The naturalist just tossed the ID offhandedly out there and we kept on walking. (We were busy chasing Collared aracaris and Keel-billed Toucans, who wouldn't be elsewhere occupied?)

Thank you.

My vanity web site. Just a showoff place, linked elsewhere in the iBird contributors list.


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