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And welcome!

Green Herons are among my favorite birds.  Little Blues, by the way, are a slate blue over most of the body with a dark red wash on the head and neck, and about twice the size of this Green Heron..  They have much longer necks that cannot be retracted to the point of invisibility, like this Greenie is doing.  (Bizarrely, the young Little Blues are white and can be mistaken for Snowy Egrets.) 

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Agreed, and welcome. You have enough confirmation here so I don't need to second(or fourth) this.  But, sometimes I don't know if I'm bored or what it is...

Hopefully this >>LINK<< should work and show you a map of that area and all the red marks are from the last month where a little blue heron has been seen. Seems there's a LOT of good places to find them, in case you're interested. :)

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