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I don't know that I'll post a ton in here but I'll see if I can contain them in one topic so I don't get lost. 🙂  Some day I NEED a new camera(long story but I want to smash this one with a hammer)
I'm not a photographer and just use point and shoot type cameras... I have the patience to sit, crawl, climb, etc to get good shots... just don't have the know how or equipment to do much better. Some day, perhaps.

This one is one of my favorites as far as composition goes. I saw a bald eagle in a tree while driving a favorite hotspot(A fish hatchery in Centerton Arkansas where you can bird/drive the lower ponds from the comfort of your vehicle)  Got out of the van to take a picture than noticed the moon was there so I just stepped over just a few steps and, there it was... Would have been an AWESOME shot if I was a photographer and had good equipment... but I still like it.

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This one isn't spectacular but, in person it was enjoyable. Was standing at the edge of a local lake watching birds, listening to a red-bellied woodpecker at a tree right next to me. Didn't try to find him right away til I stepped forward and heard even more of a racket from him. Turned to see him sticking his head out... a few little wood chips here and there. I guess he's getting a nest ready for a girl? maybe?



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Kind of odd as I go through some old ones that I am finding another heron. Actually, as I stop to think about it, it's not that odd. This particular location often has shorebirds that I might struggle with so I was less likely to submit those checklists over the years. Trying to catch up but it will take a LONG time.
9/6/2015 GBHE    Centerton, Arkansas



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This is a link to the cover photo I'm using for the "Birding in Massachusetts" FB page linked in my signature...

Don't know if that will work... if it doesn't, you can click the link in my profile if you're interested.
The photo is cropped to use as a cover image for a FB group...  But it's one of my favorite photos I've taken for sure. I was visiting my mother in Massachusetts last summer and this red-tailed hawk flew right into the yard... landed on the clothesline. My mom's yard is about half an acre and we weren't far from where this landed. We walked near it as I tried taking more and more and MORE pictures of the bird... with my not so perfect camera(that's broken now... 😞  I'm cameraless  😞  )
I don't remember the distance but I'd say I tiptoed to 15 feet from the bird before he decided to leave. This approach lasted 10 minutes or more, easily. Sneak in, click some pictures. This bird ignored me... you could see it scanning the area, I'm assuming for food. I've only had a few close encounters with hawks like this and it amazes me every time.

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