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Here's a New One: Cooper's or Sharp-Shinned Hawk? (East Texas)

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I happened upon this fella quite by happenstance. He zoomed into a tree near the lake and started chasing birds around inside the tree. I wasn't able to get the full bird in one photo, but was fortunate enough to get his bottom half (first picture) and head in two separate pictures. I was leaning towards Sharp-Shinned due to the roundness of the head (not great angles on the pics for judging this) and relative thinness of the legs. But was hoping for some second opinions. Seen in East Texas (Whitehouse) Thanks!




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You will get far more experienced opinions than mine, I am green at accipiter id and this one looks like a tough one for me, but going out on a limb here I'd call it young Cooper's.  The view is obstructed, but the head shape looks fairly elongated, and the eyes line up cleanly just above the top of the beak.

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