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Long Island warbler

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This is again at Southhaven Park on Long Island, and whatever warbler (i assume) this is it's rare for this time of year. It's in a bunch of pine trees so I figure pine warbler but it seems to yellow for that for me. Anyway as it's a rarity I'd like to make sure. I did my best with the pics...

Southhaven Warbler 2.jpg

Southhaven Warbler.jpg

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From the pictures, I can see it being a pine warbler but I wouldn't want to be a referee making that call... ha.  And the males have quite a bit of yellow on them so I think it's good there.

As far as being rare goes, I'd say based on the Bar Charts on eBird, it's uncommon this time of year but not necessarily rare. I looked at the charts for all of NY though but it shows them having been reported during every time period during the year, just barely though for this time of year... so again, uncommon but not quite rare. Still worth reporting though. 🙂

I'd wait for others to chime in on the ID...

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1 hour ago, Canute25 said:

as per ebird they gave me the big R so I wanted to make sure.

yeah, I check here for a lot of things before submitting to eBird... but if I'm ever fairly sure, I'll go ahead and submit anyway. Attach the photos and leave comments as to why you think its what it is. It will get flagged and a reviewer will look at it. If they don't like it or want more details, they will email you.

Hopefully someone else will reply though to be certain. (someone liked my last reply so I think they agreed...)

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