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8/20/2015 NW Arkansas

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Again at a fish hatchery in NW Arkansas  (I'll have a lot from here I think...)

I've learned a bit the last few years... like seeing the note "NOHA" on a list for August here is definitely wrong. At times I've seen accipiters that showed a lot of white in the same area at the bast of the tail you might see on a northern harrier so I think that's where I made that error. 
I wrote down COHA on my list and this is one of the photos I have. I'm not sure that I saw a cooper's or if this is even the picture that made me think that... The color in the tail here is interesting to me though.

I also had RSHA down and I think that's what's in this picture. I'm certain, especially since I have 2 down, they were calling so I'm certain there were two there.

Now for the fun stuff...  earlier in the day on the drive there I took this photo... 

Then at the hatchery we have these wonderful shorebirds...

and, this may be a weird angle on one of those peeps but something about this looks more like a plover(which I don't think are there in August)
And I wrote down that I saw spotted sandpipers(always easier for me to ID when they're flying so I can see the wings) but I think at least one of these birds might be a solitary...

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1. Agreed with Cooper's, although Goshawk would be hard to rule out here

2. I could see it as a red-shouldered for sure but tough to call from that

3. Eastern Wood-Pewee

4. Hmm, giving me a Semipalmated vibe but I would actually say it's probably Least. I don't think it's a juv like the others so that could be throwing me off

5. Least

6. Least 

7. Spotted

8. Solitary

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14 hours ago, egosnell2002 said:

1. Agreed with Cooper's, although Goshawk would be hard to rule out here

Don't put ideas in my head. A Goshawk would be a nice life bird for me. HA.  They're not exactly common around here.

14 hours ago, egosnell2002 said:

3. Eastern Wood-Pewee

Pictures like this leave out the sound(easiest way for me to pick up a pewee) and I don't think I see the lighter colored bottom to the bill... I often end up writing down "empid" or something for the plainer ones I can't figure in the field... however, this one was a photo from the drive to a location and was never written down at all... 

The rest are how I would have called them as well... though not seeing yellow on the legs of the peeps so easily I would struggle with them as I still haven't gotten the hang of them... especially when the looks and/or pictures aren't great. Some of those details are subtle to begin with and throw in a bad image and I get a little lost. HA.

Anyway... thanks.  Now I just need to try and get some ID's and confirmations on the other list from that day...

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Yeah, I wasn't really suggesting Gos, it's just a possibility, but yes almost definitely Cooper's. And the flycatcher is definitely a Pewee, which is actually in a separate genus than the empidonax genus. Peeps are tough to grasp, you just have to see a couple thousand of each until it gets easier. I find Leasts in general much browner overall, except for the juvs which are actually quite reddish, with very distinct whitish stripes on the mantle, which several of your birds have. Here's one of my favourite experiences with Leasts: https://ebird.org/canada/view/checklist/S50620812

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