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Northern Arizona Hummingbird ID

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This little hummingbird has been sitting on our feeder in Cottonwood, AZ a lot in the last couple of days during off and on snow. He mostly just sits until chased away by another hummingbird. I've been trying to identify him, but need some help.  Picture not super sharp as it was taken through a screen. Does the black chin mean it's a Black-chinned Hummingbird? Thanks.


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I am going to refrain from an actual ID, as I'm bad with western hummers, but I don't think it's a Black-chinned. Many hummers have gorgets that appear dark in the shade. The bright colors are from the light hitting it. (And Black-chinned actually have a purple hue in the light.) 

If my Easterner self had to guess, Anna's, maybe? 

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