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Those Pesky Flycatchers

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Some kind soul went through eBird and unconfirmed one Least Flycatcher and a few of my Western Wood Pewee and photos. WWPW sort of a go to out here in Wyoming, and I usually hear the tell tale call along with the sighting, but I will admit some of these both myself and my local Audubon pres were a little stumped at the time. I opted for WWPW at the time, but remember wondering if it was something else. I've since slept and drank a few times though, so don't remember the call to go with it. The minutia of flycatchers stumps me sometimes, especially in February when I'm months out on seeing these little fellows. Help is greatly appreciated!

This one was at Tower Falls in Yellowstone, May 2018



These were all along Brinton Road in Big Horn, WY, July 2018, on the same day. The area has a lot of trees, riparian, some hay fields and horses properties.



3) & 4) same bird











7) Maybe a Olive-sided Flycatcher?









This is the one I IDd as Least, because it was calling the Least call. I remember this one and its call clearly because I was so happy to have the call to go with the bird. Unless another was in the area and this one just was doing an act with it....

It was taken late August, 2018 in the Powderhorn neighborhood between Sheridan and Big Horn, WY, along a riparian, brushy area.




Again, thanks in advance! Hope your winter birding is going well. It's been very mild, but now cold here. Not much real snow down here, though the mountains seem to be getting it pretty well. We went to Bosque del Apache NWR last weekend to shake the winter fatigue, and now we're back here hoping for spring!



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LOL Thanks for the back up on the WWPW, I sure wish when someone flags your photos as not what you think that they could attach a notice and email about what they think it is and why. Otherwise it ends up being sort of a head scratcher sometimes. We have some amazing eBird reviewers, but being in the least populated state seem to suffer in backlog as we have very few of them. Whenever something pops up months later suddenly unconfirmed I try to figure it out myself instead of waiting. Flycatchers though, ugh!

Other emphids we get here, we get Dusky but usually only in spring (May) and fall (Sept). Least and WWPW all summer. Cordilleran up in elevation a bit west of here in the summer and down below in late spring. Also Willow and Hammonds in spring and early summer, with a very occasional Olive Sided.

Thank you for the comments!

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