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2 minutes ago, IvoryBillHope said:

These all look like Mallards to me. 

I believe(if I'm not mistaken) this time of year ALL mallard drakes would have green heads. I definitely see some good mallard traits so I could see it being a hybrid... but that's just an opinion and I sure couldn't say if it was part mottled.

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I agree that the male looks good for a Mallard X Mottled. However, with the location and apparent setting it could be domestic rather than Mottled. 

Other than the bill (due to lack of orange), the female looks like a typical Mallard. The eye line goes too far back and the overall coloring is too beige for it to be a Mottled. The female Western Gulf Coast subspecies of Mottled has a bill that is virtually indistinguishable from that of a Mallard. However, the Florida subspecies ranges from the orange and black appearance of the typical Mallard to having a dull olive color base with black. This would be an unusual color bill for female Mallard but within the possible spectrum. Therefore I would say the female may be full Mallard but probably has some Mottled duck in her ancestry. 
This forum's own Tony Leukering has a fantastic article on the Florida hybrids.


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