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Northern Rough-winged Swallow?

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9 hours ago, Barbara Connolly said:

Oh, ok. I was hoping I had seen a new bird! 😉

With a little effort, you should be able to get that bird pretty easily. I can definitely see how you could confuse it with the color of this bird. But watch swallow behavior as you'll see them flying ALL over the place over the water for long periods of time... while most flycatchers will kind of swoop out there chasing something and then fly back to a branch.
Also learn the sound they make as that will help you hear them sometimes before you see them.

According to >>this data<< there might be a few northern rough-winged swallows in your area now but they should really start to pick up in the next month and peak around the week of 4/22. This can help you really know the best time to look for them.

And then... use >>THIS MAP<< and scroll in and move it around to see the locations they're often reported at. When you zoom in, red marks will be recent sightings but going where you see the most marks should be good. And, almost anything near water(lakes, rivers, etc) has good potential for them.


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