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6 minutes ago, Trevor L. said:

I am so sorry, everyone. For reference, this is Nighthawk (changed to another account). I’m so sorry I haven’t responded sooner. I’ve been very busy recently. Feel free to change the rules however you want.

Hi Trevor L.,  glad to see you are still here. You are awesome...the rules shouldn't be totally changed only a little tweek on the letters Q and X and maybe Z ...thank you!!  ?

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1 minute ago, Aveschapines said:

OK! I like the idea of substituting a joke for the Q, X, and Z birds. What does everyone else think?

 I think we should still follow the basic guidelines...no back to back post. Only make allowances for the letters Q, X, and Z ...a joke or bird saying is fine with me. This change should help with keeping this thread moving a little faster. ?

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I agree with all of this; no back-to-back, joke or real bird for Q, X, and Z, and otherwise follow the original rules. 

@Kevin we have posted real birds for the Q, X, and Z, but we kind of ran out ? No rules against repeats, but I think we're all having fun trying to keep repeats to a minimum.

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