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Grosbeak, Redpoll irruption?


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Hi Folks-


Did anyone get the predicted Evening Grosbeak, Redpoll, Siskin irruption this winter? I had EVGR for the first time in my yard this Nov., but since then I've had nothing unusual. In fact, I've had lower numbers for many of the common species this year (Goldies, Juncos).

Just curious.






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We had siskins here in Georgia for the first time in years. Some people on my local Audubon group were complaining, because they had so many they were emptying the feeders too fast. Lol. The most I've had is 11, I think. They are still here as of today.

Someone in Georgia last week had a repoll in their yard. Would have loved to have seen it! 

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Reverse irruption - I've had more Eastern Towhees in my yard this winter than the last several years combined.  I've probably had a couple a week, both sexes.  Not a lot, but until this year I've never had any in the winter.  I've also averaged about one Red-Winged a week, another bird I don't normally have in the cold months.

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