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taken on Wednesday about  1:00 P.M. on my feeder by video then I took screenshots .  I live in Callaway , Florida , Bay County . Panhandle of Florida  . there were 2 I only got pictures of this one I have safflower seeds in the feeder . at first I thought it was a crow then looked again and noticed the brown on the wings . I do backyard bird watching and videos for fun . I enjoy learning about the different kinds of birds .

Screenshot (190).png

Screenshot (191).png

Screenshot (192).png

Screenshot (194).png

Screenshot (201).png

Screenshot (205).png

Screenshot (206).png

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The photo you posted is of a Red-winged Blackbird.  I'm guessing that you found that photo via Google.  It probably had "European Starling" there as a similar species.  If you right click on the image and select View Image you will see that it is labeled "red_winged_blackbird_3.jpg".

European Starlings have thinner beaks, shorter tails, and different plumage (iridescent feathers with heart-shaped speckles) in winter.  Yours is 100% a Red-winged Blackbird.

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