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Flamingos in Celestun...


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Last spring while vacationing in the Yucatan I went on a boat tour of the lagoon at Celestun to see flamingos.  I knew that spring wasn’t a great time to see flamingos, but I thought there might be some around and also figured the tour would be fun.  As it worked out, there were only a few flamingos around, but I saw a lot of other birds and the lagoon was beautiful. 

I was back in the Yucatan in February and since I knew it was a better time to see large numbers of flamingos I decided to travel to Celestun again and go on another tour.  As the boat left the docks and headed north into the lagoon I scanned the horizon with my binoculars and saw a line of pink where the sky met the waterline.  I instantly knew there were going to be a lot of flamingos.  As we got closer I realized there were hundreds, if not thousands of flamingos in the lagoon.  The boat captain turned the engine off and allowed us to drift fairly close to the birds.  Seeing and hearing all those flamingos was an incredible experience.  I was able to get some nice photos…









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