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female teal

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From Austin, TX today.
Are there two female Cinnamon Teal or one Cinnamon and 1 Blue-winged? The one in the foreground looks smaller (oddly), but it seems to have quite warm tones to the breast. Don't know my females here, and Cinnamons come through too infrequently for me to develop any comfort sorting them out. Thanks as always!


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Tricky birds... I can't look at them and say... I looked in Sibley's and the pattern and colors on the side... I kind of feel like I could go either way. The dark eye-line has me thinking both could be blue-winged... 
BUT... I sure can't say. Interested to see what others say.

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Thanks for trying to help, everyone. Below are two more images. The first is of, what I take to be a BWTL with a male. They were swimming together for a while and the eye line and darker cap is quite distinct on this one and I think the overall coloring is "cooler" than either of the birds in question. That pale spot behind the bill appears definitely less warm buff and more near-white. The second image is of the Cinnie, but only include the female in back, granted, with the bill out of the water. I don't have another one with the forward bird's bill exposed. Not sure it'll help, but, have at it ? 




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