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American Thrushes

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19 minutes ago, Craig1 said:

Is there some kind of animosity towards the American Robin, in the birding world.? 

Not that I know of.  I think people who have them in their yard all spring, summer and fall get sick of them.  Especially when they start singing at 4;50 AM! (I would know as i've heard them that early before.

@Aveschapines can you maybe move this to the discussion section?

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I like 'em, myself.  Occasionally I have to walk the dog before the sun comes up.  Robins are often the only birds active.

I think @MerMaeve nailed it.  When some people see the same species on a frequent basis, they take those birds for granted.  House Finches are the largest demographic (ornographic?) at my feeders, and I affectionately refer to them as 'trailer trash'.  (Yeah, I know, not PC.  Some of my best parents live in trailers.  :classic_biggrin:)

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