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Jim W

Yellow Warblers?

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These pictures were taken at Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta on July 22.   On my first pass I was thinking they were the same bird and decided Yellow Warbler was the best fit based on field marks from both pictures.  However, as I'm going back through and checking, I realized the pictures were taken 10 minutes apart.  Therefore, they could be two different birds.  Now I'm not sure about either.  Both pictures are cropped but otherwise unmodified.

Bird 1 has me confused.  Looks like it is molting which isn't helping.  The tail looks yellow which is good for Yellow Warbler.  However, it is showing a lot of white on its underparts.  Can Yellow Warbler have white underparts like this?  On the other hand, is there any other bird with a yellow tail like this?

Bird 2 still looks OK for Yellow Warbler to me based on yellow edging to its wings and its overall yellow color.  However, if it is a different bird than Bird 1, I no longer have the tail as a field mark so I am less sure. 

I'd appreciate help on both pictures.  Thanks in advance!

/edit:  Unfortunately, no other pictures than these two.

Bird 1:


Bird 2:



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Yes, both Yellow Warblers. The first is a little misleading, the bird is puffed up, and the white feathers are actually down feathers underneath it's regular yellow plumage coming through. Orange crowned wouldn't show this much yellow, especially in this intensity, as well as on the head and back. 

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