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Greater or Lesser Scaup??

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I photographed this pair of Scaups today, March 8, in Forest Park, St. Louis, MO.

They were in a fairly small freshwater lake in an urban park, so my first guess was Lesser.

Looking at the photos closely, I noticed how wide the heads were in profile and that the male's black bill tip appears to be fairly wide, which would suggest Greater. What do YOU think? ūüėé



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my impression of these birds is lesser BUT... I'm the wrong person to ask on them. When I see scaup ID requests there's a small part of me that cringes... BUT, I look at them and sometimes comment because I'm hoping that this will help me learn them better.
I'm not seeing as wide a head profile or "nail" as I might look for on a greater...  but I'm anxious to see what the more experienced folks say.  Maybe I'll get the hang of these birds... then again, I've seen even the more experienced with them be a bit uncertain at times... 

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