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horned grebe?

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Interesting. Looks to be something of a crest on the head that I can see leading to a horned grebe...  But I don't know enough about them, and wonder if anyone does, to be able to ID one from a silhouette.  It's a pretty distinct silhouette but, without any other details that's all it is to me. Tried searching duck duck go for "horned grebe in flight" and there's very little to be seen... the few I found were taken from the side, not below.
I'm interested to see what some other say though.

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30 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Pretty sure that's a tail and not feet sticking out, so not a grebe.  Maybe a Hooded Merganser?

I think you're right about the tail TBN.  I was able to reveal a little more data by adjusting light levels.  The head does look reddish, crested, long-billed, and there's a hint of white in the chin throat area.

I would agree with merganser.



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