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Another Hawk Challenge

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So this morning, I was at the Medina Annex of Lackland AFB here in San Antonio. I was walking along the running trail, turned a corner and there was a Red-shouldered hawk sitting low in the trees. Little bugger took off before I could get a pic. Took about 15 steps and this guy came flying straight at me. Naturally, beginner birder/photographer panic set in and I didn't get a pic as he flew over. But, he landed close by. Naturally, he took off before I could get a good pic of him perching, but did get this two as he took off into the trees. I know not the best, but hey, its worth a shot. His upper body and outer wings appeared to be a gray color and his breast looked like either a Sharp-shinned or Cooper's hawk.  I don't know if what can be seen of the tail and underwing pattern will be enough.



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That I don't know. I am not up to speed enough to tell if could have been a juvenile Red Shouldered. But yes, it was in the same area as I described above. But to note, the tree line he came flying from was not the along the same tree line. It was a separate tree line he came flying from.

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