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8/15/2014 peeps

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I have a feeling I asked about this one way back before the site crashed...  I have a note in a different color ink that mentions spotted sandpipers(which I don't need help with) as well as least and semipalmated. I don't think, definitely not back then, I would have come up with semipalmated on my own. In these pictures there are four peeps, to me it looks like three are definitely least with one that looks to be lighter and a little larger. could that one be the semipalmated? 
August 2014 in NW Arkansas




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3 hours ago, akiley said:

The new photos have me thinking Least.

ha...  hmm... in some of the photos, the bird in the back looks bigger than the others. Oh well. I know there's at least 3 least and it's okay if I don't ID the last one.
Unless it was a sanderling... then I'd need to know. Got some on my life list out in Massachusetts but would be a great state bird for me... they do happen, supposedly, every so often. They're on the bar charts just often enough that I need to keep my eyes open. 🙂

anyway, thanks.

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