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3 Confirmations StL, MO

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I have three questionables here. 

First Feb. 16, 2019 at Simpson Park, St. Louis County. I think it is a ring neck duck but they aren't supposed to be in this area.

32414222337_8a793d6f75_o.jpgIMG_8900tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr

The second is a western grebe, maybe but they also aren't supposed to be here. 3/1/19 George Winter Park, St. Louis County

46632989124_63628d8c9d_o.jpgIMG_9071tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr

I take these pictures while walking my dog. He was more interested in smelling something.  I couldn't get to a better angle and this is the best I got. Is this enough to ID it as an American Kestral? 3/6/19 at Simpson Park.

46441266945_9960fd72a1_o.jpgIMG_9255tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr



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Yes, it is a male Ring-necked Duck. As a fellow Missourian, I can tell you that they are common throughout Missouri in February.

The second bird is a Horned Grebe, which are also present in Missouri in February. Among other field marks, a Western Grebe would have a longer neck and much longer bill.

Your third bird is an American Kestrel.

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