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red-cockaded woodpeckers

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Planning question...

Does anyone know exactly what time they'll be raising their young? the time when they'll be back and forth to their nests the most???

There's a guy in our local audubon group that helped with their restoration in Arkansas that told me, back when I went to see them before, that when they're raising their young, going back and forth to the nests was the best time to see them. I could literally sit in my car and just watch a nest and wait. I REALLY want a better look this time AND a picture.
I emailed him about it the other day as I'd like to start planning a trip. His reply was that there was a field trip down there in July when they'd go to see them, as well as prairie warbler's and bachman's sparrows. Hmm, cool... we need both of those on our life lists here. But, that didn't answer the question did it? He didn't come out and say that was THE time they'd be feeding their young.

So, I emailed him back and asked him if that was THE good time to go see them, because I really wanted to be able to sit and wait and get good looks and pictures. His reply then was to tell me they saw all three of those last year. hmmm...  I don't really want to email yet again to ask the same question. A trip down there will be nice as long as I plan ahead and my wife doesn't have to work... and I feel like leaving the house by 6:30ish AM(which I don't really but, for that I might.)
Those birds are SO shy... we went in December to look and, wow that forest was SILENT most of the time we were there. Nest boxes/trees all over but no sign of them... until right when they went in for the night. First attempt was a fail. Next day we got a few glimpses... always exciting to get a new life bird but, kind of a let down to drive that far for such a short and hindered view.

So we really want to go back and get better looks but want to time it right so we have the best opportunities.
IF the field trip in July is a good time to see them feeding, great. I mean, I don't want to make two more trips down there anyway, it's about a two hour drive and gas isn't cheap. BUT, if that's not the best time, going down the road with a group of people might limit the opportunities... perhaps.


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My Stokes lists Juvenile plumages are from Apr-Sept, so I'd imagine that is their breeding season, with July being smack in the middle of that range. 

Since he was the one that helped with the species restoration, he may not want to give exact specifics. But personally, I'd go when he's going. (Which reminds me, I still need to make time to try to get to the ones that are here.)

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