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Help to ID these, please

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I'm not an expert,  though until someone chimes in, I think you could check :

1) House Finch male, rather than Purple Finch

2) Ladder-backed

3) Loggerhead Shrike, though I suspect it is immature, as the dark mask is quite small, not sure about the "split white eye ring", and more white for the cheek.  Probably not correct about this one - just what I think it might be.

4) Dark-eyed Junco. American Museum of Natural History "Birds of North America" lists 16 sub species of Dark-eyed Juncos. Yours is probably the Gray-headed rather than the Red-backed group, though I'm not certain.

5) Not sure.

6) House Finch, male and female.

Someone with some experience should check in pretty soon.

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