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Brown Creeper ?

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Definitely! It was fun trying to find where it was in the picture. They’re hard to capture pics of (I know this because we have a few of them in our back yard who hang out on a very similar looking massive old oak tree as the one in your photo 😄). I lovehow they’re always are so focused and busy as they spiral round round... 

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11 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

This is an insiders joke, right?  There's really not a bird in these photos at all, but we pretend we see one and talk about it as if it was there.  I get it now.  Yeah, Brown Creeper; that's right.

All of which is my way of asking for help because I can't find the frickin' bird.

I know. I spent forever looking for the bird. I finally found it but I had been looking for something much larger. I kept thinking- I know they blend in but this is ridiculous.

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20 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

You can see it best in the second photo because it is against the sky.  From the center of the photo, go halfway to the left then go to the top of that branch.  Does that help? :classic_unsure:

Thanks.  Now that I know the right area, I can see it in the first photo too.

Like HamRHead, I was looking for something much larger in relationship to the limb.  That branch must be much bigger than I initially interpreted it.

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