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Osprey Dive Surprises Heron

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Captured this series of 8 photos on July 10th 2018 on Roberts Bay from very far away.

I was trying all day to get my elusive osprey dive close-up (still trying) and this osprey dives down and scares the crap out of a great blue heron. Yes, looks like he caught a fish or two.

These osprey are spectacular to watch hunt, but it's so hard to get a close-up of them diving. Even when they are right in front of me (highly unlikely) it's almost impossible to follow them and keep them in frame and focused (especially zoomed in).

Hopefully patience, determination, and good luck will prevail this year. Stay tuned! 










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Thank you. The speed and force those osprey hit with is crazy. The splash was enormous! The water was only about a foot deep there, so I guess they need to do that (enter in at shallow angle) so they won't bury themselves into the seafloor!

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