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Wondering if the first bird is a Paltry Tyrannulet. Not sure about second bird and sorry for the bad picture but it is the only one I managed.

Then wondering if third bird is a Yellow-olive Flycatcher.

Thanks in advance for your help. These photos were taken in the Tambor area on the Nicoya Peninsula.




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Blue-headed Vireo is quite rare in Costa Rica.  Also, the photos really don't look like a vireo for multiple reasons.


Just a quick FYI - Paltry Tyrannulet is now known as Mistletoe Tyrannulet in Costa Rica.

I believe both photos 1 and 3 are Yellow-olive Flycatchers.  Mistletoe Tyrannulet should show a more prominent pale lore and supercilium, and the bill is stubbier. 

I'm not gonna hazard a guess on #2!

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