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Really wish I had a bug free(especially wasp and tick free) spot in the yard to just sit all day long and enjoy the birds. Was out there for a while this morning and had at least 6 red-tailed hawks as well as 5 other hawks fly over. Several of those I was not able to get good enough looks at or pictures. Most seemed accipiter like... one, well it had to be a red-tailed. It was low enough to get good looks at it but was moving too fast for me to bother trying to turn on my camera, zoom, focus...  so, I just looked. Initial feeling was red-tailed due to the bulky size of the bird. Was in a weird flying position(always makes things interesting) but as I stared, I didn't see a belly band. The whole thing was plainer than I'd expect. Stared and stared for the few moments it was flying by(again, low enough to get GOOD looks) and the patagials... well, I decided there was something there but REALLY faint compared to what I'd normally see. I'm leaving that as hawk sp but fairly certain it had to just be a red-tailed.

Here are two of the other hawks... I think both are cooper's.
First one...

This one here is a second bird, these were all moving south to north which made them easier to count.
One thing I found interesting, just an observation, was the tips to the wings on this bird seemed semi-transparent. I'm not sure if this is a cooper's feature...?


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5 minutes ago, meghann said:

I wanna call the first one a Red-shouldered,

While I was outside I could only think accipiter for some reason. Once I looked at the picture I thought, hmmm....  looks red-shouldered... BUT, I didn't really notice the "commas" on the wings and I just wan't sure. The accipiters can be reddish on the breast as well so, I figured I'd ask. ?


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