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Cackling Goose?

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Southern Ontario this morning.

We must have over a thousand Canada Geese in the harbour at the moment so surely at least one should be a Cackling Goose.

Very small compared to the others, rounded head,

shorter neck and stubby bill.


Cackling Goose HVT-7213847.jpg

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I've been trying to spot a Cackling for some time with a huge number of false alarms. There are a lot of very small Canada Geese out there with "short" but not stubby bills, not so rounded head, no dark chest etc.

This group had five that were close but I thought only the one was definite - one or maybe two of the others were close but .......

I suspect there is a blurry line between a definite and a maybe.

I've attached another image showing all five.

Cackling Goose ID 1 HVT-7213846.jpg

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Thanks Charlie. Yes, the second one from the left is the same bird shown in the original image and the only one I am reasonably confident about. The others don't seem to have the really stubby bill and overall head profile that is required but you could possibly make an argument for one, or maybe, two of the others.

OTOH I am happy to have finally found just the one, it took a while.

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